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Always Fresh

One of my favorite advertisements is a Foot Locker commercial done by OKC Thunder’s James Harden and Russel Westbrooke. I found out about the commercial via Twitter and it became viral.

I think that most commercials today are most successful when they are humorous. People usually remember a commercial if it is 1. frightening 2.sad 3. humorous. This commercial would not have spread on Twitter if it were simply Harden saying that everyone should go to the Foot Locker to buy fresh clothes. The interaction between the two players make the fans of the Thunder pay attention to the message and give them the urge to buy clothes that are “fresh” like Harden.

My favorite type of commercials are the humorous ones and they are so much more memorable. This is how commercials today “always stay fresh”.


Feature This

While sitting at work, I stumbled upon the Aug. 27 edition of the Sport Illustrated magazine titled, “The Supernatural.” At first I was intrigued by the attractive, young professional baseball player on the front page, so I decided to read more about “Mr. Supernatural.”

The feature was called “Kid Dynamite” by Tom Verducci and was written about Mike Trout who plays for the L.A. Angels. As I began to read the introduction of this new and upcoming baseball player, I was horrified.

The feature was supposed to be written about the young 21-year-old and his amazing talent, however, I couldn’t get passed the long and drawn out intro. The introduction for this kid was about his home town and something about some airplanes. Nothing to do with baseball. An intro that was intended to catch a readers’ attention quickly repelled me from the story all together. I along with anyone else like a good an introduction in a feature story, however, this one felt like a waste of time and only left me confused.

So, in conclusion, Mike Trout is attractive, however, his introduction is not.

The Supernatural by Tom Verducci

Press Release Police

The ongoing debate of whether the press release is dead or alive has some considerable points. In my opinion, the press release may be used too much but is still alive and well. Maybe if we limit press releases to those who actually know how to write them?

This press release is an example of what-not-to-do. Here is an example of a press release that is the reason journalists are getting tired of reading hundreds of press releases every day…  Highly Touted Social News Site to Officially Launch on August 23rd

Reasons why this is bad…

1. The title is  too long

2. Not once, but TWICE the author of this release insults the website that he/she is trying to promote by stating that it may fail and not be worth your time.

For more reasons of why this news release succeeds in making us PR majors incompetent and how to improve your press release writing skills, please visit The PR Coach and help all journalists out there by not making them read something like that

Blogging for bloggers

The blog that motivated to keep up with my blogging is called probably the most hilarious blog I’ve ever read and not to mention the writing, it’s great!

The blog basically consists of a boy who goes through every single girl he has ever kissed and their story.He doesn’t reveal any names which makes it more fun to try to guess who his mysterious lady is. At the end he ends up with one of his lucky ladies and they live happily ever after. Now that he has told all of his stories, he has given readers a chance to tell their stories as well. What I like most about the blog is that fact that it has all taken place at this very college. With it being so local, it makes the more fun and more interactive.

If the writing and stories of the blog doesn’t catch your attention, the theme and the logo the creator developed is perfect to set the mood. The background of the blog make you feel as if you are sitting in a college library and the logo is made up of the title formed into a hot, red kiss imprint.

The Hills Online

Laguna Beach and Beverly Hills not only gave the world of teenage girls a breezy summer vacation, but Lauren Conrad, the girl who does it all. Through the years we watched “LC” go through her dramatic high school years and confusing college and professional careers. LC grew to become the ultimate fashionista of all things from style, reading and cooking. As if her books weren’t enough, she now hosts a website online for the latest recipes, season’s trends, and so much more.

I think the website is done well. The  categories (wear, primp, celebrate, dine, grow, decorate, read, etc.) are all  accessible. The layout and the writing of the website is consistent which also makes the site easy to use. Conrad does not do all of the writing and I like that she doesn’t try to make it look that way. You can tell the difference by who signs the end of the article. Although each article is done by LC and her team, the tone stays consistent which is important for the success of the website.

So, if you would like to learn more about today’s fashions, healthy eating, and home decorating, is a great website to get started.