Press Release Police

The ongoing debate of whether the press release is dead or alive has some considerable points. In my opinion, the press release may be used too much but is still alive and well. Maybe if we limit press releases to those who actually know how to write them?

This press release is an example of what-not-to-do. Here is an example of a press release that is the reason journalists are getting tired of reading hundreds of press releases every day…  Highly Touted Social News Site to Officially Launch on August 23rd

Reasons why this is bad…

1. The title is  too long

2. Not once, but TWICE the author of this release insults the website that he/she is trying to promote by stating that it may fail and not be worth your time.

For more reasons of why this news release succeeds in making us PR majors incompetent and how to improve your press release writing skills, please visit The PR Coach and help all journalists out there by not making them read something like that


One thought on “Press Release Police

  1. […] the organization is selling or promoting.  The media kit that I will be looking at today is the TIME magazine media […]

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