Blogging for bloggers

The blog that motivated to keep up with my blogging is called probably the most hilarious blog I’ve ever read and not to mention the writing, it’s great!

The blog basically consists of a boy who goes through every single girl he has ever kissed and their story.He doesn’t reveal any names which makes it more fun to try to guess who his mysterious lady is. At the end he ends up with one of his lucky ladies and they live happily ever after. Now that he has told all of his stories, he has given readers a chance to tell their stories as well. What I like most about the blog is that fact that it has all taken place at this very college. With it being so local, it makes the more fun and more interactive.

If the writing and stories of the blog doesn’t catch your attention, the theme and the logo the creator developed is perfect to set the mood. The background of the blog make you feel as if you are sitting in a college library and the logo is made up of the title formed into a hot, red kiss imprint.


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