The Hills Online

Laguna Beach and Beverly Hills not only gave the world of teenage girls a breezy summer vacation, but Lauren Conrad, the girl who does it all. Through the years we watched “LC” go through her dramatic high school years and confusing college and professional careers. LC grew to become the ultimate fashionista of all things from style, reading and cooking. As if her books weren’t enough, she now hosts a website online for the latest recipes, season’s trends, and so much more.

I think the website is done well. The  categories (wear, primp, celebrate, dine, grow, decorate, read, etc.) are all  accessible. The layout and the writing of the website is consistent which also makes the site easy to use. Conrad does not do all of the writing and I like that she doesn’t try to make it look that way. You can tell the difference by who signs the end of the article. Although each article is done by LC and her team, the tone stays consistent which is important for the success of the website.

So, if you would like to learn more about today’s fashions, healthy eating, and home decorating, is a great website to get started.


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