All up to the Mayans

2012. The year that our beloved Planet Earth will come to an end. Sounds bizarre right? I guess we’ll find out here in about 8 months!

I was just recently asked what my dream job is (that is of course if we are not blown to pieces, abducted by aliens or fall through the Earth’s cracks). So I asked myself what I want to do…which is a hard question and sadly the easy part. After discovering your “life long” dream, you have to do it. College is the time when you are supposed to figure that out, but as you may be able to see from my previous posts… I’m still trying to figure that out. Our generation right now seems to be living a “YOLO” life style (You only live once). As cheesy and fad-ish as that sounds, its actually a great motto (Thanks Drake). From my personal view, I think I will remember all fun and challenging times that I spent with my peers rather than all of the job research, resume building, and countless hours spent in Edmond Low.

So ask yourself these things… 1. what is your dream? 2. Is that what life is really all about? Is is about fulfilling your dreams, or the journey you take to get there? If our world really does come to an end December 21, 2012… what will you remember?


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