Hey, it’s me. Jaclyn.

So I’m going to start off by introducing myself. My name is Jaclyn and I am a Sophomore at Oklahoma State University. I am a strategic communications major, and I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I feel like most students at this age struggle with the same dilemmas, which is why I have decided to make my blog about being an undergrad.

Honestly, if I could choose, I would be 21 and in college for the rest of my life. This is probably the going to be the highlight of our lives, let’s get real. We have the privileges of adults but we still get to act like kids..most of the time. So why not document this? Through this blog I will probably cover the non-existence of dead week, the stress of finals week, and all of the weekends before those two weeks that we just blow-off.

Being in college has it’s ups and downs and I hope to cover all of them..so bare with me. With that said, I am a girl in her twenties..and I am in a sorority so I am going to apologize ahead of time if you think this blog will be over global warming, saving the animals, or about the up coming presidential race (I’ve posted some links for those topics if you so chose to redirect to more intellectual topics). But don’t fret, I have better things to talk about than “the perfect hue of nail polish”. I am simply going to use this blog to bring out the simple things of college life that both guys and girls may relate with. Mainly girls, but I feel like most guys struggle too. Don’t deny it boys, we know you struggle.


The links I promised..





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